Since 1994, A-Pro has been helping its clients make smarter, better and more informed decisions as they buy or sell a home. As one of the leading Home Inspection Brentwood TN Service companies, A-Pro not only offers you the best possible home inspection, service, and value, but also provides you with the peace of mind that your investment is protected.

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Brentwood Home Inspection

Five Questions a Homebuyer, Seller or Realtor® Should Ask a Brentwood Home Inspector before Hiring Them


Not all home inspectors are the same. So how can you be confident that you’re hiring the right one? Whether you’re buying, selling, or just checking on your home’s condition, here are five key questions to ask:


Brentwood Home InspectionAre you certified and insured? CHI® (Certified Home Inspector) or PHI® (Professional Home Inspector) certifications are important, but they’re actually not required. These prestigious certifications will assure you that your inspector has undergone more than 500+ hours of education and advanced training, ensuring that your inspection is thorough and reliable. PHI certified inspectors take it a step further. They’re also required to carry Errors and Omissions Insurance coverage. So find out if your inspector has a PHI designation behind his name.


Brentwood Home InspectionAre you ISHI® certified? Make sure your inspector is ISHI (International Society of Home Inspectors) certified. ISHI standards exceed all others in 14 vitally important ways. Here are some critical checkpoints only required for ISHI inspections: foundation, furnace heat exchanger, all accessible doors and windows, installed built-in appliances, all accessible outlets and more. Additionally, ISHI written reports include positive attributes of the home.


Brentwood Home InspectionDo you inspect the foundation? Most don’t. In fact, if they say yes, be sure to ask them how they inspect it. They should use a foundation level device to take measurements throughout the house to determine the levelness of the foundation. These measurements are then recorded on a diagram – included on a CAD drawing – showing any uneven foundation settlement.


Brentwood Home InspectionWhat if a potential problem is found during the inspection? This may be hard to believe, but if a potential problem is found during an inspection, most inspectors will tell you to call an electrician, roofer, or plumber for further evaluation. With A-Pro, you will NEVER need to call a third party, saving you time, money, and hassle with our “no further evaluation guarantee.”


Brentwood Home InspectionWhat happens if you miss something during an inspection? With most inspectors, you will have to pay for repairs and replacements – even if the problem was missed during the inspection. Their evaluation is little more than an opinion. When you choose A-Pro, you receive this pledge: “If we don’t report it, we repair it™” at our own expense, for covered claims up to 120 days.


Have additional questions? Please don’t hesitate to call 615-567-4151 for an A-Pro certified Brentwood home inspector.Brentwood Home Inspection

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Insulation and Venting Systems

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Home Inspection Brentwood

Insulation and Venting Systems

Demand a Thorough Home Inspection in Brentwood

If you’re thinking about purchasing a home, you’ll want to know as much as possible about its insulation and ventilation. Lack of insulation and improper venting can cost you money on your utility bills, cause preventable moisture damage and mold growth in a home, and make your indoor environment unpleasant to say the least.

It’s important to understand what the insulation and ventilation portion of a home inspection entails, as well as its limitations. Here’s what you can expect from a certified home inspector, such as the professionals at A-Pro Home Inspection Brentwood:

Your home inspector will examine and report on insulation and vapor retarders in unfinished spaces, such as attics, crawlspaces, and foundation areas; ventilation of attics and foundation areas; and mechanical exhaust systems in the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry areas.

The home inspection report will describe insulation (type, depth, thickness, and condition) and vapor retarders in unfinished spaces, along with noting where insulation is absent. Your home inspector will record if insulation has been properly installed and if pipes and ducts have been appropriately wrapped.

Since we’re talking about visual-only home inspections, the home inspector will not inspect areas that are not readily accessible; disturb insulation; identify R-value or composition of insulation; or report on the adequacy of venting.

Home Inspection BrentwoodInsulation Problem Spots

Often during this part of the home inspection, the inspector will find insulation blocking attic soffit vents. Aging insulation, whether batt or poured in, will begin to settle and lose its effectiveness over time. Cellulose insulation may show signs of dust, dirt, and rodent damage, which will affect the home’s air quality as well as the effectiveness of the insulation. Paper-backed batt insulation can dry up, crack and tear due to normal aging.

Home Inspection BrentwoodExhaust System Issues

Improperly installed exhaust systems will be reported by your home inspector. This part of the home inspection will demand great care since trouble areas can pose fire hazards. For example, your inspector will report on conditions such as crushed or kinked dryer transition ducts caused by the appliance being pushed too close to the wall; transition ducts which exceed recommended length; duct cracks that cause air leakage; sagging ducts, which can reduce airflow and venting effectiveness; and inwardly bent duct sleeve terminations.

Insulation and venting inspections are just two important parts of an A-Pro home inspection. To hire a certified local A-Pro home inspector Brentwood, visit here or call 615-567-4151.Home Inspection Brentwood

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Brentwood Home Inspection

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Friday, October 6, 2017

Brentwood Home Inspection



Since 1994, A-Pro® Home Inspection has helped thousands of clients make smarter, better and more informed decisions as they buy or sell a home. As one of the leading Brentwood Home Inspection Home Inspection service companies, A-Pro not only offers you the best possible home inspection, service, and value, but also provides you with the peace of mind that your investment is protected through our iron-clad 120-day assurance guarantee.




Brentwood Home InspectionTo schedule an inspection today, call 615-567-4151.














Brentwood Home InspectionA-Pro has been a leader in home inspection for decades. Our mission is to deliver personalized service and advice, 100% transparency and integrity, and the best value for our clients.






Brentwood Home InspectionA-Pro reports are hard-bound, beautiful, and full of photos! And unlike so many inspectors who pinpoint only negatives, we believe that a balanced approach — covering issues and strengths — leads to better decisions.






Brentwood Home InspectionA-Pro’s comprehensive 500-point inspection covers everything from the foundation to the rooftop. No third-party inspections and no delays mean a better experience for buyers and sellers alike.




The Real Estate Agents choice




Brentwood Home InspectionHere’s why more real estate agents recommend A-Pro home inspections.


Many real estate agents view a home inspection as a necessary evil that can delay or derail a sale.

At A-Pro, we believe home inspections should add value and promote the sale of a home, not hinder it. After all, every home has a price and all homes have positive attributes. Shouldn’t home inspection reports reflect the good as well as the bad?

7 Ways an A-Pro Brentwood Home Inspection Home Inspection Promotes Home Sales:




Fair and Balanced Reporting


Brentwood Home InspectionWe believe home inspections should not only serve to point out problems. They should provide a fair and balanced evaluation of a home’s condition. That’s why A-Pro reports highlight a home’s positive attributes creating a well-rounded overall picture that’s useful to buyers and sellers alike.


No Required Further Evaluations, Guaranteed


Brentwood Home InspectionFor enhanced MLS listings, our guarantee goes a step beyond other Brentwood Home Inspection home inspection companies. Our guarantees transfer protection to the buyer, ensuring that unreported issues and unexpected repairs come out of our pocket, not the buyer’s or seller’s. This is a cornerstone of A-Pro Home Inspection’s protection, and a unique and marketable selling point for Realtors and sellers.


Guaranteed Protection for Buyers and Sellers


Brentwood Home InspectionFor enhanced MLS listings, our guarantee goes a step beyond other Brentwood Home Inspection home inspection companies. Our guarantees transfer protection to the buyer ensures that unreported issues and unexpected repairs come out of our pocket, not the buyers or sellers. This is a cornerstone of the A-Pro home inspection protection, and a unique and marketable selling point for REALTORS® and sellers.


Sell Homes Faster and for More Money


Brentwood Home InspectionEvidence shows that pre-inspected listings sell faster and for more money than comparable homes that were not pre-inspected. With A-Pro’s Exclusive Certified Pre-Owned Home program, your listings actually stand out and attract the attention of more and more serious buyers.


Added Professionalism


Brentwood Home InspectionA-Pro Brentwood Home Inspection home inspection reports are clean, professional, and easy to understand. Having an A-Pro inspection report to hand to prospective buyers makes you look good and helps you recommend our inspection service with confidence.


More Accurate Pricing


Brentwood Home InspectionA-Pro Brentwood Home Inspection home inspection reports provide important valuation information that help real estate agents justify the selling price of the home to the seller. Generally, the closer a home is listed to its fair value, the faster it will sell!


Eliminates 11th-Hour Renegotiation




Brentwood Home InspectionThere’s nothing worse than an unexpected issue curtailing an otherwise smooth sale. A-Pro inspections and reports alert buyers of issues (and benefits) beforehand and can help eliminate roadblocks that delay or prevent a sale.




Are you looking for a Brentwood Home Inspection home inspection service? Call us at 615-567-4151 to see how we can help you sell homes faster and for more money!


Brentwood Home InspectionSchedule an inspection or ask us anything!




Call now 615-567-4151 or fill out the form below for fast, friendly service from A-Pro.



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Commercial Inspections 

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Friday, July 14, 2017

brentwood tn home inspectors

Commercial Inspections


brentwood tn home inspectorsA commercial property is defined as the building structures?and improvements located on a parcel of commercial real estate.? These may?include structures such as buildings with residential units operated for profit, mixed-use buildings, strip malls, motels, factories, storage facilities, restaurants and office buildings.

A commercial?inspection requires the inspector to make observations, conduct research, and report findings. A-Pro will conduct Commercial Inspections for you.

The A-Pro Inspector will collect information through visual observation?during a walk-through survey as well as conduct?research about the property including key components and reports relative to the property. A-Pro will then generate a meaningful report about the condition of the property based on the observations made and research conducted.

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Structural Inspection 

posted by admin @ 8:43 PM
Friday, July 14, 2017

brentwood tn home inspectors

Structural Inspection

brentwood tn home inspectorsA standard home inspection includes many of the elements of a structural inspection but is not as in depth as a stand-alone Structural Inspection. During a Structural Inspection the A-Pro Inspector will be looking for and reporting on only the foundation and supporting elements of a home, investigating for a variety of distress indications that may result in repair or further evaluation recommendations.

If you notice a problem such as a sagging roof, bowing walls or cracking foundation or your home has been subject to severe storm damage, flooding or fire call your A-Pro Inspector for a Structural Inspection.

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FHA Home Inspection 

posted by admin @ 8:41 PM
Friday, July 14, 2017

brentwood tn home inspectors

FHA Home Inspection


brentwood tn home inspectorsThe FHA (Federal Housing Administration) Home Inspection is our standard industry leading Home Inspection but formatted to meet the requirements of our clients that are utilizing an FHA loan. FHA loans provide an option for home ownership to borrowers who may not qualify with other lenders, and often allow lower down payments and interest rates. An FHA insured mortgage can be used to purchase a new or existing home. A home inspection is strongly recommended by the FHA as part of the loan process.


As the FHA is a Federal program, the reporting requirements on Home Inspections supersede those of any state mandated reporting requirements.  Insure your loan process is not slowed down due to the Home Inspection expectations and that your investment is protected by calling A-Pro to conduct your FHA Home Inspection.

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Radon Inspection 

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Friday, July 14, 2017

brentwood tn home inspectors

Radon Inspection

brentwood tn home inspectorsIt may surprise you that Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer and that nearly all homes have some level of Radon in them.  Radon is an odorless and colorless gas that emits as radioactive uranium breaks down in soil, water or rocks. Radon enters a home many ways such as through cracks in slabs, wall joints and water supply. An elevated amount of Radon in a home is a health hazard. The standard Home Inspection does not include Radon testing.

The EPA has recommended that every home be tested for Radon and that if the test comes back at an exceeded level to fix the home.  The good news is that repairing a home to normal Radon levels is not usually a high cost proposition.

If you need A-Pro’s help in testing for Radon and/or reading the results please call on us.

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Foundation Inspection 

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Friday, July 14, 2017

brentwood tn home inspectors

Foundation Inspection

brentwood tn home inspectorsAll Home Inspections include a visual inspection of the foundation as a minimum requirement.  At A-Pro we understand that a home’s foundation condition ranks very high with our clients relative to concerns about a property and we go over and beyond to inspect the foundation.

The A-Pro Inspection includes a foundation level survey ($150.00 value) as part of every standard home inspection.  Call us if you need a foundation inspected.

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Wood Destroying Insect (WDI) report aka Termite Inspection 

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Friday, July 14, 2017

brentwood tn home inspectors

Wood Destroying Insect (WDI) report aka Termite Inspection


brentwood tn home inspectorsThere are many types of Wood Destroying Insects but termites are the most common and cause the most damage.  A WDI Inspection is often referred to as a Termite Inspection when really all wood destroying insects are inspected for.

Whether you’re buying, selling, or refinancing your home, there is a high probability that you will need a (WDI) Wood Destroying Insect report.?WDI?reports provide evidence of possible infestation by wood destroying insects or damage caused thereof that is visible and accessible at the time of inspection. In addition to identifying possible infestations and previous treatment a WDI report will alert a lender or buyer potential problems within the home.

Termites are slow eaters so if a termite infestation is discovered it is usually not a panic situation. Treatment is effective and can be handled in a few months without causing additional problems.

In nearly all states a State Agency provides oversight of WDI Inspection and Treatment and in all cases this inspection is outside the scope of a traditional Home Inspection.  Your A-Pro Inspector can consult with you on your options and in many cases provide the WDI Inspection for you.

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Carbon Monoxide Testing and Inspection 

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Friday, July 14, 2017

brentwood tn home inspectors

Carbon Monoxide Testing and Inspection

brentwood tn home inspectorsCarbon Monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless, toxic gas and all fuel (gas, oil, kerosene, wood or coal) burning appliances have the potential to produce CO to some degree due to incomplete combustion. Appliances (including fire places) that are not installed, maintained, and used properly run the risk of causing CO accumulation to dangerous levels. Extreme CO exposure can cause death, considering that the gas is colorless and odorless proper detection is vitally important.

You’re A-Pro Inspector can test for Carbon Monoxide in the home as well as the appliances and fixtures that may be causing a dangerous level. You’re A-Pro Inspector will also advise you on the proper detectors and the recommended locations of the detectors as well as proper maintenance needed for offending appliances.

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