A-Pro® Protects Buyers

Since 1994, A-Pro has helped over 100,000 clients make smarter, better and more informed decisions as they buy or sell a home. As one of the leading home inspection service companies in the nation, Trust A-Pro to protect you and your investment.

A-Pro Home Inspections Exceed Customers’ Expectations

In every aspect of the A-Pro home inspector process – thoroughness, follow-through, communication, and service A-Pro outperforms our competitors.

A-Pro home inspector is courteous, CHI® board certified Home Inspectors who are rigorously trained and broadly experienced professionals who apply all their expertise to thousands of accurate, detailed, home inspections they perform each year.

What’s more, with each inspection, our A-Pro home inspector provides a free Foundation Level Survey (a $150.00 value). Since more than 30% of all claims are structural related, you wonder why our competitors don’t perform this vital service. With A-Pro it’s FREE OF CHARGE.

How are A-Pro home inspectors Different?

CHI, PHI, ASHI and ISHI Certified home inspectors A-Pro Brentwood TN home inspector is – CHI®, PHI®, ISHI® and or ASHI® Certified — The highest certifications in the industry!
500-point inspections cover everything from the foundation to the rooftop Comprehensive 500-point inspections cover everything from the foundation to the rooftop!
A-Pro inspection reports are easy to read and understand A-Pro  Brentwood TN home inspector provides easy to read and understand reports. Delivered within 24 hours.
No Further Evaluation Guarantee “No Further Evaluation Guarantee” ensures no follow-up inspections will be needed
 FREE Foundation Survey FREE Foundation Survey with every inspection (a $150 value)
Our home inspections point out what is good and bad about your property A-Pro  Brentwood TN home inspector reports feature positive and negative aspects of a home for an accurate picture

In short, there’s no better value… no greater peace-of-mind than with A-Pro home inspector. We guarantee it!

Any questions at all, just call A-Pro now at 1-615-567-4151!

 Brentwood TN home inspector service provided by Lex Hudson, CHI, PHI