It’s Fall! Let’s Take a Look at A-Pro’s Home Inspection Gutter System Checklist

With autumn upon on us, it seems appropriate to return to a topic that can’t be emphasized enough, especially during this time of year when leaves literally rain from the sky and winter’s ice and snow aren’t far behind: Don’t neglect your gutters. This is a particularly important message if you’re in the market for […]

Home Inspection Checklist: Fire Hazards Part 3

In our previous two blog posts on fire-related issues that may be discovered by a home inspector, we looked at indoor electrical system red flags (lack of GFCIs, overuse of extension cords, outdated wiring); service drop concerns (inadequate clearance, dangerous disconnections); and garage defects (lack of a fire-rated door between an attached garage and living […]

Home Inspection Checklist: Electrical-Related Fire Hazards

If you’ve ever considered skipping a home inspection as you search the market for the right property, we’ve got an important message for you: Don’t. As a home-shopper, there are many solid financial reasons to hire a certified home inspector to perform a comprehensive foundation-to-roof checkup, pointing out everything from missing roof shingles to a […]