A-Pro, The First Home Inspection Benefitting Buyers, Sellers, AND Real Estate Agents!

Many real estate agents view home inspections as a necessary evil that can delay or derail a sale — serving only to point out problems to potential buyers.

At A-Pro home inspection Brentwood TN, we believe a home inspection should add value and promote the sale of a home, not hinder it. After all, all homes have many positive attributes. Shouldn’t all inspection reports reflect that? With that, here are:

5 Ways A-Pro Promotes Home Sales:

1. A-Pro Home Inspection Brentwood TN provides Fair and Balanced Reporting

The purpose of an inspection should not be only to point out problems. It should be to provide a fair and balanced evaluation of a home’s condition. That’s why A-Pro home inspection Brentwood TN reports the positive attributes of a house as well, giving you and your seller additional selling points.

2. Sell Homes Faster and For More Money

It has been shown that pre-inspected listings sell faster and for more money than comparable homes that were not pre-inspected. With A-Pro’s home inspection Brentwood TN exclusive “Certified Pre-Owned Home®” program, your listings stand out and attract the attention of more and more serious buyers.

3. Added Professionalism

A-Pro home inspection Brentwood TN reports are clean professional written and easy to understand. Having an A-Pro report to hand to prospective buyers makes you look good and helps your listings stand out among properties buyers may have considered.

4. More Accurate Pricing

A-Pro home inspection Brentwood TN reports providing optional important valuation information that helps real estate agents justify the selling price of the home to their potential clients. Generally, the closer a home is listed to its fair value, the faster it will sell!

5. Eliminates 11th Hour Renegotiation

There’s nothing worse than an unexpected issue curtailing an otherwise smooth sale. A-Pro home inspection Brentwood TN reports alert buyers of issues (and benefits) beforehand and can help eliminate roadblocks that delay or prevent a sale.


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